AboutHillsideWhether you are looking for the right place for yourself or for a loved one, we offer more than just an address- we offer a part of our family.

Not only do we satisfy our residents’ physical needs, our small-family approach addresses their emotional needs as well. In addition to the wonderful family atmosphere we provide, visits from family members and friends are facilitated and highly encouraged.

Our residents are all independent minded seniors who enjoy living life as they please- minus the hassle. We take care of all of the household chores, and our residents can rest assured that if need be, assistance is just a step away. At Hillside Haven, our residents can decide to be as relaxed or as busy as they choose. Our calendar is full of trips, events and activities that our residents can elect to take part in. From museum outings and picnics to crafts and in-house concerts, there are options for every taste. Our residents provide input on meals, outings, events, landscaping and even decorating. At Hillside Haven our staff answer to our residents- not the other way around.